Podcasting = Catholicism ALIVE!

In this year of turmoil, I have been feasting on Catholic podcasts. I remember listening to my very first podcast after I gave birth to my first child and needed some kind of entertainment while I was dancing around the kitchen trying to soothe a newborn. My expert mom friend suggested podcasts and of course, Serial. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and not having my eyes fixed on a screen and even being able to wash dishes while listening. Woohoo! But as soon as I went back to work, podcasts died with it. Then a few years later when I gave birth to my second and I was on maternity leave again…sure enough the second season of Serial was available! Anyone listen to S-Town? Wow, that was heavy. While having similar striking moments of imagining Adnan Syed still in prison, this story was finite. Life was ended and there was no turning back. I spent my entire relationship with that podcast removing wallpaper and painting a hallway, but I’ll never forget the depression and quirkiness of John B. McLemore when I walk down the hall….

So podcasts are great!!!!! 🙂 I had a rocky start to be sure, but once I started my new job this summer at the Archdiocese I decided I needed something to pass the time during my commute. I asked a friend for some podcast suggestions and was introduced to Catching Foxes. You must immediately put on your ear buds and listen to Catching Foxes.

The hosts are two hysterical guys that also went to Franciscan University and have been involved in ministry/church work since graduation. Having that in common certainly drew me to the podcast, but ultimately when McCarrick and all hell broke loose this podcast saved my faith and fidelity to the Church. The hosts, Luke and Gomer, termed what we have all experienced as “The Summer of Scandal“. Their raw, emotional, and often border-line inappropriate hashing out of the headlines and the repeated atrocities that we have experienced has been healing for me. After a few months, I decided to start supporting them on Patreon. I am so grateful for these men that study the faith, are faithful to the teachings of the Church, and want to build the kingdom even in this mess.

I also have tested a few other podcasts out that have been inspirational at times. However, nothing comes close to Catching Foxes…but I will list my favorites below:

  • Among the Lilies – hosted by Cameron Fradd (married to Matt who runs the anti-porn ministry) and contains real talk for women
  • Catholic Creatives – as long as you aren’t bothered by “Like…um….ya know….” millennial speech, you will enjoy this!
  • The Catholic Feminist – while I don’t agree with the host’s soap-boxing at times, I have loved many of her guests and they are worth a listen!

I have truly felt that Catholic podcasting has brought the faith alive for me recently. I can’t find great conversation like this at my local parish….or at least not on a daily basis. Smart, talented faithful Catholics are creating wonderful content and this is where I have found it!

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