Is the Holy Spirit present?

Your Catholic organization will fail if you don’t invite the Holy Spirit to get involved.  One of the most important litmus tests for me is to walk into a church, a school, a parish center, a youth room etc. and gauge a sense of the Spirit moving.

You might ask how something like this can be measured.  How can you objectively analyze this?  I find it to be pretty simple.  Does the leadership of the organization begin a meeting with prayer?  Does the staff exhibit joy?  Joy extends beyond common courtesy or positive customer service.  Joy is an experience of Christ’s love and a contentment that all rests in His care.  You can even go as simple as this:  Do people want to be there?

The Holy Spirit’s presence is contagious.  It spreads quickly.  It continues to fill men and women with life and a desire to grow in holiness.  If your parish has invited the Holy Spirit into its midst, it will be evident.  If your school has allowed the Holy Spirit to engage with its community, it will be clear.  For example, church work is not the highest paying profession or the greatest resume builder; however, does your organization have any staff members who are excellent and would be exceptional in the corporate world?  These persons are usually characterized by an attractive personality, hard work ethic, adaptability, creativity…..and you look at them and think….they chose to work HERE?!?!  I will bet you that person chose to work in that institution because of the mission, because of the greater purpose, because of the satisfying effects of working in a place filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit!

And ya know what?  The Holy Spirit breeds success!  If the mission of your organization is to bring others to Jesus Christ, then the Holy Spirit best be there!  A first step is to begin with an invitation.  Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your own life and then to inspire the faithful.

Veni, Sancte, Spiritu.  Come Holy Spirit.  

A strongly recommend reading the book “Once I Was Blind But Now I See” written by a local Catholic man.  This testimonial gives witness to the work of the Holy Spirit in lives and how profoundly the Holy Spirit can change any person’s situation.  Also, pray with this song.  It’s amazing.



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