Get to know a seminarian.

I’m a parent in 2019. I’m a Catholic parent in 2019.

Naysayers can’t believe that anyone would raise any children in today’s culture and even more say they would never raise their kids Catholic.

We are surrounded by a culture of death, a culture saturated by sex, a culture of political correctness, a culture filled with screens, and a Catholic culture scourged with the sin of clergy sexual abuse.

I want to say that I recognize all of this. I choose to fight against this. With the weapons of the rosary and the sacraments, we can withstand. My kids can withstand. And together as a family, we can journey to holiness…even in 2019.

It’s not culturally cool to be Catholic anymore and it’s definitely not cool to hang out with priests. Sadly, a priest in a Roman collar has become a cause for concern and a red flag. I’ve had folks say to me, “Keep your kids away from priests” or “When he hands me communion, I think ‘Where have his hands been?'”

My response is that if I shared that mentality, then I would have to keep my kids locked away from the entire world. I couldn’t take them to school, sports, or any activity with adult supervision because predators are everywhere…sin is everywhere.

So instead, I embrace healthy and holy relationships. Under my watchful eye, I gladly introduce my children to priests and those studying for the priesthood. It might surprise you to meet some of the wonderful young men who are filled with the joy of the Gospel and a deep love for Jesus Christ.

Just yesterday, we attended the Lector and Acolyte ceremony at St. Mary’s Seminary. What an uplifting service filled with faith. And while I had to step out a few times because of my toddler, I thoroughly enjoyed the incense and beautiful singing by the choir. So grateful for this experience and the gift of friendships with seminarians.

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